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10 Special Experiences to add to your NH vacation.

New Hampshire vacations, whatever season, have so much to offer. I've compiled a list of 10 experiences that can add to your NH vacation and your overall experience.

1) A Guided Canoe trip on the Connecticut River: Let Gibbs Guides help you choose a section of the Connecticut, either flatwater sections or sections containing Class 1 rapids, They'll provide all the equipment you'll need, some basic instruction and a guide and off you go! They have expertise in taking folks of all ages and experience levels and showing them a great day on the river. The Connecticut River, the central artery of travel through northern New England for centuries offers a beautiful look at the North Country and it is very likely you will see Bald Eagles, Kingfisher, wild ducks and geese, deer and the occasional moose.

2) Mt Sunapee Zip Line Tour: Mount Sunapee Resort has some thrilling summer offerings, but leading the way is their guided tree top zip line adventure. Fast and thrilling, like most zip lines, the Mt Sunapee version stands out based on it's sheer length of time for the experience, going through, in actuality, eight separate zip lines as you cover over 3/4 of mile of treetop canopy on your tour down the mountain. This is a full morning or afternoon experience with many more opportunities for fun at the resort, like mountain biking, frisbee golf, and the state park beach.

3) The Fells: A beautiful secret on the eastern shore of Lake Sunapee, "the historic estate and gardens of John Milton Hay" who was President Abraham Lincoln's private secretary and the Secretary of State under President Mckinley, natural beauty and historical significance combine under the Silver maple tree planted by Teddy Roosevelt on a visit to the estate. This is a great place for a hike, take a tour of the old house and gardens, and cool off on the nature walk along the lake shore. Definitely a hidden gem.

4) Nordic Skate or Nordic ski on Otter Pond: The Nordic Skater, a Sunapee area Nordic Ski and Skate shop maintains a trail as winter conditions allow. Usually a 1-2 mile loop is kept on the lake for the the public to use for free. Rentals and equipment for both sports is available at the store in Newbury. As conditions allow trails are kept on Kezar Lake and Lake Sunapee but watch the Nordic Skater FB page or blog for the latest conditions.

5) Moose Tour: Gibbs Guides can provide you with a personal moose tour guide. Specializing in the areas from Bloomfield to Pittsburg, NH in the North Country. The guides will bring you to the best locations at the most opportune times based on years of experience, while you can't get a see-a-moose guarantee they do guarantee you'll see beautiful places. Guides can be booked for 1 to several hour adventures and a professional photography package is available for some sightings.

6) Johnson's: While yes, Johnson's is a traditional local restaurant offering great value, generous portions and great taste, what really sets Johnson's apart aside from it's great seafood, is its amazing ice cream window and it's newest offering of craft beer. Johnson's offers great seafood, great beers and great ice cream in a happy family-oriented atmosphere. Personally we've been to the Northwoods location several times but we're sure they've got it covered at their other locations too. Wednesday nights are flight nights, $4 for your choices or the bartender's recommendation.

7) Learn to Fly Cast: Gibbs Guides will provide an instructor to your location of choice; lawn or athletic field, river or lake and provide a 90 minute lesson. Equipment is available for rental as well. This is an excellent addition to any vacation and can be done for one client or as a family or group experience. They are also glad to help you find an appropriate location for the lesson.

8) Patch Orchards: What a great experience it is to spend a few hours at Patch Orchards in Lebanon, NH. Offering apple picking of several varieties, a really fun corn maze (a great place for senior photo sessions btw), and a bustling maple operation in the spring. Our friends at Patch want you to know, The Patch family lineage has been farming the same plot of land in Lebanon, NH for eight generations and takes pride in their rich heritage. Come share in our experience.

9) Stacy's Smoothies: A hidden gem in Sunapee Harbor, this fun, lakeside, walk-around community has a few great must-see's. But Stacy's is right at the top of the list, a healthy and delicious offering for you to enjoy as you explore the shops in the harbor or wait for your time to go out on the tour boat. We've never been disappointed, always a yummy and hip treat.

10) Sunapee Cruises: Also based in Sunapee Harbor on Lake Sunapee in central NH. Sunapee Cruises offer two main options, both on larger tour ships that remind their passengers of the romantic age of the steamship. There is a voice-guided tour option where the captain explains the history of the lake and the steamships and the different geologic and natural features of Lake Sunapee, while you travel around the lake much like those early boat trips to the great lodges. The second option is known as "The Dinner Boat" where you can take a tour of the lake on a restaurant ship. Great food and service combine with the ability to get out on the deck and see amazing views, often at sunset. One thing I found to be really fun was how many of the cottage owners on the lake will wave and ring their dock bells to interact with the captain of the ship. The Fenton family, who also own the Appleseed Restaurant in Bradford and Fenton's Landing in Sunapee Harbor do an amazing job at hosting guests to this beautiful area.

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